About the Organization 

1. Basic Data of the Legal Entity

  • Business FormFoundation
  • Registered name: Health Institute
  • Registration number: 40008240130
  • Date of Registration: 16.07.2015
  • RegisterThe Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia
  • Legal address:  Rīgas iela 22, Valka, Valkas novads, LV-4701
  • Correspondence AddressRīgas iela 22, Valka, Valkas novads, LV-4701
  • e-mail addressinfo[at]alnet.lv
  • Skype: alnet.lv
  • Twitter@vissvesels
  • FacebookHealthInstitute
  • Phone Numbers+371 29113357 ; +372 54013025

2. Bank Requisites of the Legal Entity

  • Bank: Swedbank
  • BIC/S.W.I.F.T.: HABALV22
  • IBAN: LV16HABA0551042043312

3. Transparency Register

Transparency Register ( The system is operated jointly by the European Parliament and the European Commission>>
  • Identification number: 065845125286-28
  • Registration date: 30/12/2016

4. What is the Health Institute and how it works

4.1. Health Institute:

  • The Item (Product, Service, Process) - Investment for Public Health and Environmental Health Development.
  • Registered in Latvia.
  • Acting as an independent entity in the European Union (at Municipial, National, European Community levels).
  • Principles: Participation, Codecision, Democracy (Representation).

4.2. The core of the Strategy

The core of the Strategy for the Health Institute - 3 key tools:
  • Mission - Investment for Development - Public Health and Environmental Health Development.
  • Values - Development . Professionalism. Intelligence.
  • Vision - Health Institute develops as innovative investor for  Public Health and Environmental Health.

4.3. Purpose

The goal of the Health Institute is the public benefit activities.

4.4. Tasks

In order to achieve the goal, the Health Institute performs tasks that bring significant benefits to the public or any part thereof, especially if it focuses on:
  • Charity
  • Protection of human rights and individual rights
  • The development of civil society
  • Education, science, culture and health
  • Disease prevention
  • Sports support
  • Environmental protection
  • Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance
  • The social well-being of the society

5. Management

  • Manager >>

6. Logo

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